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Dr.Taghi Modarresiدکتر تقی مدرسی 

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Not long ago,I lost a good friend ,a literary and medical and scholar colleague,who died on April 23rd.1997 in Baltimore,Maryland.I am talking about Dr.Mohammad Taghi Modarressi,M.D. who was writing with his pen name:Taghi Modarressi,and his name and voice is still alive and with us.
In Iran of 1330's/1950's and 1340's/1960's ,when I started writing and publishing,there were three physicians who were considered pioneer writers among others like Jamalzadeh ,Hedayat and Chubak,and before new generation of writers like Golestan,Daneshvar Golshiri and Dolatabadi...Dr.Bahram Sadeghi, avant-garde short story writer was a general surgeon who wrote a novella named: Malakut ,one of the finest oeuvre and greatly influential in Iranian modern stories.Dr.Thaghi Modarressi,M.D. ,later a psychitrist,psychanalyst and child psychiatrist, and professor of University of Maryland,was presented by Yakolia Va Tanhai  u,a poetical novel influenced by old religious stories.Dr.Gholamhossein Saedi,M.D.a popular playright,also a psychiatrist who taught in University of Tehran Medical School and later exiled and died in Paris.It was not a matter of surprise that these and other physicians like Dr Kassemi,Dr.Gol Golab,the  professors of Tehran University Medical School or Dr Golchin Gilane among others were involved in literary creation while studying or practicing medicine,as both fields are in daily challenges and thoughts with life and love,acompanied eternally with death,as well.Both literature and medicine are healers,of mind and body,and both are created in love of nature and its creatures.Men and women are both green products and producers of art and literature,as well as medicine and health, among other sciences ,to make our world more beatiful from the beginning of life to eternity...And John Updike ,the late American writer,seems to agree with this, in Endpoint,his book of poems...
To think of you brings tears less caustic
than those the thought of death brings.
Perhaps we meet our heaven at the start and not
the end of life.
* See my essays on Taghi Modarressi in I.A.M.A.LETTER,SIMORGH and NEVESHTA INTERNATIONAL,and Farsi. A separate article in English to be published soon.

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